We can help you with anything in your landscape.  Are you building a deck, patio, pathway or want assistance with new plant material?  Please let us know.  We are a family-owned and operated business and like to support businesses within our community.

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  • yard maintenance 

Lawn mowing and edging, hedge trimming, light pruning, leaf blowing.

  • Garden Cleanup

Do you need to get your yard under control?  We can help you.  Hauling away yard waste is also available.

  • Winter Small Tree Pruning

Season December 1 – January 30

Pruning is done according to quote.  Please have us come out in the late fall, so we can get you on the schedule early.  This will not be included in the regular maintenance schedule.

  • Large Tree Pruning

Generally trees over 15'. Please call us for a quote.

  • high weed mowing

Please call us for high weed mowing rates. 

  • gutters clean-out

Late fall is the time to clean out the gutters and down spouts.


  • repair, check or valve replacement

Have a leak, need a valve changed, sprinkler head broken?  Please let us know and we will send out an irrigation specialist.

  • convert to drip

Have you been thinking of cutting down your water usage?  Would you like to change out your old system so that you are only water the plants root ball?  This cuts down on weeds in your planting areas.

  • new irrigation system

No irrigation?  Let us put in a new system.  Timers, valves, drip or sprinklers.